September 2021 UPDATE:

We are so thankful for the people who have donated time and material for this project. Thankfully, we are starting to wrap up the work on the original sections of the church. We have a bit of painting left inside from where we removed the windows. The giant holes were patched by a volunteer last week and he did an OUTSTANDING job. Someone else custom-milled the large entrance beams and we can't wait for you to see how well they turned out! Most of the roof has been installed, electrical and HVAC are coming together, and the wooden accent beams are in place over the front and side entrances! 
We are looking forward to the exterior fill material coming in over the next couple of weeks as they begin to bring the future parking lot to final grade. They will also start trenching for water, power, fire sprinklers, and sewer along the top of the grass on the west side. Part of this trench will come over to where our current dumpster and power are located. This means that most of the parking north of the Theater will be fenced off. To recover some of the lost parking spaces, we will be creating parking in the grass on the northeast section of the property by Whitefish Stage in the coming days. Our hope is that this will alleviate a VERY full parking lot on Sundays.
Fundraising landed just under 1.7M as we roll into the first of September and the project remains on budget. We are about halfway through the building project with the most expensive parts still on the horizon. Please join us in praying for safety, continued financial support, and God's direction before us as we look to best use this future space!




We need help with the following:
Trim out Plumbing
Trim out Electrical
All wall trim
Install all flooring (tile and carpet)
All interior Paint
All Exterior Siding
Bathroom Partitions
All counters
Final Grading and landscaping


( )   -


$1,680,000 of $3m church goal




We plan to be using this new addition Spring of 2022.

Prayer points:

  • Pray that the EBC family would continue to be financially generous
    • Pray for safety
    • Pray for insight and wisdom as we encounter inevitable "bumps" in the road
    • Pray for favor for DEQ applications
    • Pray that we may minister well to those that will grieve and celebrate in this facility
    • Pray that we may disciple well to those who will grow in their faith in this facility
    • Pray that we would be able to build camaraderie with the EBC family through people volunteering
    • Pray that this building would be a place that God uses to change lives for His glory!