In 2016, Easthaven received a generous donation of a main house, classroom, and adjoined acreage. Financial supporters and a number of volunteer labor teams joined the effort to create a one-year Bible College to help educate the next generation with a Biblical Worldview. Over the last three years, 26 students have gone through the program at Glacier Bible College and have been greatly impacted by teachers and pastors from around the country. They have thoroughly studied the Bible and also seen geological evidence firsthand which supports the Biblical account of Creation. 

This ministry leaned heavily on Steve & Kathy Schleyer and Dean Landis. Steve and Kathy Schleyer have been an important part of the school, including the launch of the college, donation of the property, meals cooked, and maintenance on the property. Dean Landis, the Director of GBC, was the keystone for the college, having experience in starting a one-year Bible college in Jackson Hole, WY.



The road to developing a Bible School has not been an easy one and Easthaven has openly shared the challenges that have been encountered along the way. There have been dormitory layout restrictions, water issues, and septic issues. Glacier Bible College has not been able to conquer the infrastructure issues. For nearly two years, the Glacier Bible College Committee has been wrestling with the challenges associated with the continued development of the beautiful location near Glacier National Park.

After custom septic systems limitations, dry or unusable wells, and low production wells with cisterns that required near-constant attention, the Glacier Bible College Committee reluctantly agreed that the property was not conducive to growth and presented significant challenges to maintain the status quo. 



After much consideration and prayer and discussion, the Glacier Bible College Committee unanimously voted to relocate the college for the 2021-2022 school year. The Glacier Bible College Committee had a couple of locations in mind. After a number of weeks of evaluation, Thompson Lakes Christian Retreat  (Easthaven’s Camp on Middle Thompson Lake) was identified as the sole viable option for moving and continuing school this year.



In a meeting on February 15, Dean Landis (a member of the Glacier Bible College Committee) submitted his resignation to the committee effective June 1, 2021.

Dean has done an amazing job over the last three years discipling and teaching a biblical worldview. We appreciate his service and diligence over the years; he will be missed as a part of our staff. After evaluating what is best for him and his family, Dean submitted his resignation. Please know - his resignation is because he knows the importance and need for the director to be on campus 24/7 or to reside on campus rather than just a few hours per week.

This has a profound impact on Glacier Bible College’s ability to recruit students, connect with potential professors, and run the college with the model that we had been using up to this point.



When we announced this vote a few weeks ago, we were actively recruiting students for this coming school year. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. In light of Dean’s resignation, the Committee has moved to suspend operations for the 2021-2022 school year and enter into a 12-18 month period of review and assessment of viability. During this time, the committee will step back and review how we can best engage the next generation with solid Biblical Worldview.



These decisions have weighed heavily on the committee and broader leadership of Easthaven. We are thankful that Steve and Kathy stand to recover their donation. They are currently exploring an option to buy-out Easthaven’s interest. If they choose not to buy out Easthaven’s improvements, the property would be sold. After each party’s investment is reimbursed, the additional proceeds will be retained by Steve and Kathy.

This is a difficult time for everyone involved. It's heartbreaking for hopes and dreams to turn out different than we had planned. However, we expect those investments to be recovered.

We hope and pray that the students and all those involved will grow closer to the Lord. We trust Him and He is still faithful!